Thursday, June 28, 2007

Upcoming Styble broadcasts on KIRO/Seattle

Longtime KIRO overnight host Bryan Styble is nowadays heard every late Sunday evening into Monday morning on The Bryan Styble Program, from 10 pm to 1 am Pacific Time throughout the Greater Seattle-Tacoma and, thanks to KIRO's regional nighttime signal, over much of the Pacific Northwest of the North American continent.

Anyone in any time zone around the globe can tune in at www. 710

For your time-zone-conversion convenience, Styble's live broadcasts are heard Sunday nights 11pm-2am Mountain Time; Monday mornings midnight-3 am Central; 1-4 am Eastern; and Monday mornings 6-9 am Universal Time aka Greenwich Mean Time).

Styble can be contacted at

1 comment:

Marcia said...

BRYAN!!! so many of us out here in this lonely PNW region DO MISS your cheerful voice in the "wee hours" of the morning!!!