Friday, September 7, 2007

Styble on KIRO throughout the Seahawks season

We're delighted to report that KIRO will air The Bryan Styble Program in its usual timeslot, 10 pm to 1 am Sunday nights into Monday mornings, throughout the Seahawks run toward the Super Bowl this year.


Camano Island Carl said...

Three hours per week of Styble just don't do it for me.

Is he a minister that only works Sundays?

Anonymous said...

It is ridiculous that Styble is on the air at the far back corner of the week Sunday night.

Get the poor guy on the "overnight".

By the way does this blog work?

Does Styble ever read these comments?

Come on, let's get some dialogue here!

Anonymous said...

Bryan did a great job Su-Thu 1A-5A, getting calls from Lizz in Calgary to Jake in Eureka. Let's get him back on live overnights. Sadly, Bonneville and Entercom have no understanding of how to run a 24/7 local, live talk station. Their ratings are terrible, and they need to bring back local hosts 24/7 and dump overnight re-runs of Bob Brinker and Dave Ross.

Anonymous said...

The guy is great and as he proclaims, "the hardest working guy in radio"...or maybe when he was 6 x 4 hours a week...standing during broadcasts!