Friday, April 4, 2008

Mark Davis Passed His EIB Audition!

Perhaps only as momentous an obligation as the belated memorial service for the late conservative icon Bill Buckley could have caused Rush Limbaugh to take off even a single Friday in the midst of his ongoing--and so far remarkably successful--"Operation Chaos". (That's what the talk titan has dubbed his effort to confound the 2008 Democrat presidential primary process by encouraging the loyalists in his audience to prolong the Obama-Clinton struggle by supporting the former First Lady in the remaining primaries and caucuses.)

But as long as Limbaugh's absent today, at least EIB listeners have perhaps his finest possible replacement in Mark Davis. RadioactiveSeattle explained last month ["Newstalker Mark Davis Annointed by...Bryan Styble?!?", two postings below] why the mid-morning WBAP/Dallas stalwart was so long overdue when he finally, on less than a day's notice, got an influenza-prompted shot at the newstalk radio format's primo fill-in gig.

So this morning we're sitting back for the next three hours expecting to marvel as open-line master Davis again displays his perspicacious call-in magic before the industry's largest audience, and this time, surely with adequate notice. And, as it happens, this opportunity for one of newstalk radio's most reasoned and eloquent voices on race (among so many other issues Davis brilliantly explicates), falls on the 40th anniversary of that dreadful Thursday evening at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis.


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