Sunday, July 1, 2007

Jayne Meadows & Styble on KIRO

Next Sunday night July 8, 2007, Bryan Styble will interview Hollywood stalwart Jayne Meadows, widow of Tonight Show originator and television legend Steve Allen, during his first radioactive hour on KIRO from 10-11 pm Pacific Time, followed as usual by two hours of Open Lines for Open Minds.

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Anonymous said...

What many people do not realize is how ahead of his time Steve Allen really was. People of a certain age may perceive him to be a staid performer. They do not realize that he was the first celebrity of his stature to recognize the worth of writers such as Jack Kerouac. The media at the time dismissed his work as that of a "crazy beatnik". Mr Allen saw the enduring power of his work and there was a mutual respect between the two artists. Had Steve Allen not promoted him, the 60's generation may not have embraced being "on the road".