Friday, December 7, 2007

Murray Lerner and Styble discuss Dylan on KIRO

In an unprecedented break with my broadcast's long-standing and ironclad no-Dylan policy, the format shall be temporarily abandoned for the Sunday night, December 9, 2007 edition of The Bryan Styble Program. Styble--who happens to have been a semi-professional Dylanologist in the 1970s--will telephonically interview longtime film documentarian Murray Lerner, the producer and director of Festival and several other seminal rock and pop music documentaries.

Lerner will discuss and take calls during the show's first hour, 10-11 pm Pacific Time [Monday 6-7 am UT] regarding his new film The Other Side of the Mirror, which is the Oscar-winning filmmaker's first Dylan-specific project.

Lerner's 83-minute cinema verite opus preserves Dylan's historic performances at the Newport Folk Festival beginning in 1963, and climaxes with his Sunday night, July 25, 1965 appearance, during which the artist infamously "went electric" (and which constituted the first time since high school he had played electric guitar onstage). Many rock historians regard that brief-but-stunning set a turning point in pop music history rivaled in seismic significance only by the initial Ed Sullivan Show appearances of Presley and The Beatles.

Lerner's radioactive interview will of course be followed by two hours of Open Lines for Open Minds, giving KIRO callers a chance to engage Styble on everything from Astronomy to Zoology, with the exception of a certain Zimmerman.

To stream via the Internet, simply log onto and click on the "Listen Live" button. (KIRO's call-in lines work well, generally, from overseas.)

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