Thursday, January 10, 2008

Seth Shostek of SETI Project w/ Styble on KIRO

Dr. Seth Shostek will discuss the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence project, the systematic radio-telescopic scanning of our galaxy for signals being broadcast by alien civilizations, during the 10pm hour of the Sunday, January 13, 2008 edition of KIRO's Bryan Styble Program. That radioactive interview shall be followed of course by two hours of Open Lines for Open Minds, featuring unscreened calls on all subjects in or out of the news, ranging from Astronomy to Zoology.


Robert Norwood said...

After watching Dr. Shostek behave like a child on the Larry King show concerning a recent UFO sighting in Texas I have to ask, and I think we all should, just what makes SETI a valid pursuit? Why should anyone as arrogant and closed minded as Seth Shostek garner credibility as he wastes money and effort on what amounts to a complete waste of time? Small wonder the government pulled the plug on it.

Let's face it, all that listening and not even one AM DJ from Alpha Centauri! After all, they are listening in the radio band. How do we know people in space even have ears? The shear arrogance! Well, not always arrogance. He defends SETI by crying about how big space is and how there's not enough ears listening. Come on, shoulda heard something, anything, by now.

Look, scientists like Seth Shostek are only educated in the sciences and in his case planetary, whatever. I've followed him for years, he's a brilliant guy and when he sticks to what he knows he's a joy to listen to. But mention UFO's and he goes flat earth.
There's an arrogance and closed mindedness in him on the subject that makes one wonder how science discovers anything at all.

No serious researcher is saying extra-terrestrials definitely do exist or that you should absolutely believe in them.
All they say is "consider the evidence, consider what some very credible people are seeing and/or have seen". I'm one, I've been in the military, I also worked for the Air Force for ten years on an air base. I've seen a couple bonafide UFO's along the way and while I can't tell you exactly what they were I can tell you what they were not. And please, don't even try to insult me with weather balloon and swamp gas explanations. You don't know until you see one and see it do something no flying object you know of could ever do. In the face of the evidence that's out there, swamp gas and weather balloon answers are even more bizarre.

So why do UFO's get "scientists" like Seth Shostek spinning? If they are out there, he's out of a job!

Robert Norwood

Boston MA.

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